Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Scarfed up this Tutorial

Ok, that was a cheesy title, I know, but I couldn't help myself. I've never claimed to be a very creative person, but I am a pretty good copier. I found a tutorial here to make a really cute and sassy scarf. For the full tutorial, go to Ruffles and Stuff.

So anyway, this is really easy. I followed Disney's suggestion of using jersey pants as material. I went to my local Salvation Army, where it happened to be 1/2 off clothing day. Woo Hoo! I found the perfect jersey pants in an extra large. Tip alert - if buying clothes at a second hand store buy the biggest you can find that works for you. You get more fabric for the same price...hello obvious statement. I got an extra large for $1.50 (half off the regular $3 price tag). I was so excited that I forgot to get a picture, but I'm pretty sure you know what a pair of pants looks like...

So I cut the pants in 4 in x 4 in squares. My squares were nowhere near perfect, but in this scarf, noone will ever notice. (It did make me put a rotary cutter on my birthday list - hi hubs). I cut 60 squares and then pinned them together, with each point of the square matching up with the middle of the next square.

After that, all that's left is sewing down the middle. When setting it up to go in the machine, make sure you set it up so the first square going into the machine is on top. It makes it much easier to feed thru. I did a straight stich down the middle. When sewing, I made sure to straighten each square and make sure that the edges were all pressed down because they had a tendancy to curl up.

The 60 squares makes a really long scarf. I doubled it and it was still really long. Next time, I'd probably do 50ish squares. I love how it came out - I wore it once already and got a ton of compliments. Even for novice sewers this is super simple!


  1. How clever is this! I love the idea thanks for sharing.

  2. My son always wants to wear my scarfs, so I made him one of these from a black and checker tee shirt. No where near as nice as yours! -Jami

  3. woo hoo! Thanks for the comments, girls. Does that make me a card-carrying member of blogville??

  4. Lovely!! I'm so glad that you could use the idea! I'll have it up on my "you tried it" page tonight or tomorrow! Thanks so much for sending me your link! :o)